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Embryo Donation Program

Make the Dream of Family Come True for Others.

You were blessed with the opportunity of alternative family building. And, if you have remaining embryos, you have the amazing opportunity to help others realize their own dream of family.

A New Option for Additional Embryos

Until now, those options were to donate to science, destroy, or continue storing the embryos. Now, you can also choose to become an embryo donor and help others create their family.

Become an Embryo Donor

New hope was created to fill gaps in alternative family-building support services, one of which was the lack of options available for parents who had remaining embryos after their family was complete, or if they want to donate remaining embryos for other reasons.

How You Can Help

When hopeful parents have exhausted their own embryos and other options, they often close the door to having a family. But, if other embryos are available, and with the right support, and guidance, many more people can find their way to parenthood. That’s where you come in.

How Embryo Donation Works for Donating Parents

First of all: Thank You!

Thank you for considering this incredible gift. The gift of family.

When you choose to donate your additional embryos, we take every step possible to make it as easy and rewarding as possible.

1. Talk to Our In-House Counsellor

A conversation with our in-house counsellor can answer any questions and concerns. It helps you understand the process and emotional implications, and it’s your chance to get to know the counsellor who will advise you throughout the process.

2. Understand the Legal Aspects

After your initial appointment, we will connect you with our specialized embryo-donation lawyers who will offer you a consultation to ensure you fully understand all the legal steps involved.

3. After You Choose to Donate

Once the decision to donate has been made, we will contact the clinic and support all communication between you and the embryo recipient.

4. Other Considerations

New Hope believes in an open approach to embryo donation, one that celebrates the child’s whole story. Additionally, we advocate for an approach that allows children and parents access to information regarding genetic origins.

See if you qualify to become an Embryo Donor

Your journey starts with getting in touch with us. We will answer your questions and offer
clear advice to help you make the right decisions.

We will support you through the entire process.

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Success Story

I cannot recommend Jenna and New Hope Surrogacy enough. She is very knowledgeable and was receptive to all of my questions, and concerns. I would absolutely recommend this agency whether you are an intended parent or interested in being a surrogate.

Jessica S.
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Get all the answers, advice and information you need to start a family, become a surrogate or donor for those who need your help.

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