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Becoming a Surrogate

You Have the Power to Make Dreams Come True.

It takes a special person to consider carrying someone else’s child. You can be that special person. As surrogates ourselves, the team at New Hope Surrogacy (NHS) commits to giving you all the compassionate support – mental, physical and emotional – to make dreams happen.

Why Choose New Hope Surrogacy?

As surrogates ourselves, we know as much as anyone about the desire to help others have a family, how to make it happen, and the joyful, soul-fulfilling feeling you get when you hand the parents their new baby. And we want to do everything possible to help you have the same experience.

  • Support Focused on You – 24/7

    When You choose to be an NHS Surrogate, your needs become our highest priority. Not only is a dedicated support worker available to you around-the-clock for every detail, but you have access to our in-house Counsellor, Nurse Practitioner, and other professionals, to carefully guide you.

  • Surrogate & Parent Screening

    In addition to making sure you have everything you need and are ready for surrogacy, you can rest assured that the intended parents have been pre-screened for their suitability to become parents with your help.

  • Advocacy & Guidance

    The NHS Team is with you all the way. We advocate for you with fertility clinics and lawyers. We’re  there for you in every interaction, your profile creation, legal contracts, IVF medication and claiming reimbursements.

  • Choose the Support You Want & Need

    We offer a wide range of helpful, caring support options, including access to workshops, videos, surrogacy support groups (with surrogates who have gone through it all), doula support, a Nurse Practitioner, counselling, and so much more.

How to Become a Surrogate

First, check the ‘Requirements to Become a Surrogate’ below. If you meet the requirements, your journey to surrogacy starts with getting in touch with us.

We will support you through the entire process

We are happy to answer any and all questions so please don’t hesitate to reach out for anything you might need or any questions you might have.

1. Preliminary Steps

You can start working on these right now.

  • Schedule a pre-screening phone call or video call with New Hope Surrogacy.
  • Complete the online profile questionnaire.
  • Write a letter to your potential intended parents to tell them about yourself, your family and why you want to help someone.
  • Meet with our in-house counsellor for a 30 minute session to discuss lifestyle, past history of mental health and overall well being.

2. Find Your Intended Parents

After finishing the preliminary steps,  you can start looking at parent profiles! Your profile is sent to those intended parents that you want to help. They have the opportunity to review it and choose to go to the “dating” process, where you get to know each other, ask questions and develop a relationship.

3. Move Forward Together

If all parties agree to move forward, you will be scheduled for your medical screening. You must be truly ready and serious about this step. The medical screening alone costs about $5,000 for the intended parents. A legal contract is started once the medical screening is approved by the clinic. You can review it with us and your lawyer to request any changes.

4. Start the Process

Once the contract is signed, the next step is to wait for your cycle day. Let the clinic know and the transfer will be scheduled accordingly. On day one, you will begin some medication. You will have an ultrasound assessment about one week before the scheduled transfer.

5. Transfer Day!

If all went well with the ultrasound, an embryo is transferred to your uterus. Two weeks later, blood work determines if it was successful. If so, you will have an ultrasound 2-3 weeks later. If not, you will stop all medication and wait for your cycle to return to try again.

Requirements To Become A Surrogate

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent residency status
  • Between the ages of 21-49
  • Healthy previous pregnancy history (exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis if you have not had a child)
  • Non-smoker (or willing to quit)
  • Non-drug user
  • Must be financially stable
  • Healthy- physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Willing to undergo psychological and medical assessments
  • Willing to follow medical protocols and take medication (including possible injections)
  • If on medication- must be pregnancy safe
  • Good support system

Reimbursements And Expenses

You cannot be paid as a surrogate in Canada under the Assisted Human Reproduction Act.

  • A surrogate should not suffer any financial loss in a surrogacy journey.
  • Reimbursement for pregnancy-related expenses is allowed.
  • The average reimbursement ranges from $25,000-35,000 (this includes pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum)
  • Common allowable expenses include but are not limited to:
    • Telecommunication
    • Legal
    • Groceries
    • Child care/animal care
    • Snow removal
    • Travel to appointments
    • Lost wages
    • Medication
    • Life insurance
    • Maternity clothing
    • Counselling

See if you qualify to become a Surrogate

Your journey starts with getting in touch with us. We will answer your questions and offer
clear advice to help you make the right decisions.

We will support you through the entire process.

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I cannot recommend Jenna and New Hope Surrogacy enough. She is very knowledgeable and was receptive to all of my questions, and concerns. I would absolutely recommend this agency whether you are an intended parent or interested in being a surrogate.

Jessica S.
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