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Our Story

It’s a very personal story. One of facing the same challenges and disappointments as many hopeful parents. And one of good fortune and sharing the greatest gift of all.

Like our name suggests, New Hope Surrogacy is a new option for intended parents, surrogates and egg and embryo donors.

But that doesn’t mean we are new to surrogacy and alternative family building. Each of our founders has a personal story of their own journey to creating a family.

Our Founders’ Stories

After successfully having their own children, they were compelled to help others realize the dream of family, and feel the joy that comes with it. Here are their personal stories, in their own words.

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Jenna Spencer

My name is Jenna and here's my surrogacy story! I am the proud mama to three gorgeous bio children and two bonus children. In 2013 I found myself feeling so complete with my family (plus some furbabies)...

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Jenna headshot

Jenna Spencer

My name is Jenna and here’s my surrogacy story!

I am the proud mama to three gorgeous bio children and two bonus children.

In 2013 I found myself feeling so complete with my family (plus some furbabies). But, honestly, I missed being pregnant. I started to explore the idea of helping someone else build their family, and have a chance to experience the joy a child brings.

In October 2013, I was connected with an incredible couple who needed my help. After one failed transfer, in April 2014, we transferred two perfect embryos, and one stuck! We were pregnant. On December 23rd I delivered a beautiful baby boy. There are no words for the feeling I had seeing that baby in his parent’s arms. I had never felt so proud of myself!

I knew if my body could, I had to help another couple.

Before long, I was expecting again! On August 20th, 2016, we welcomed a perfect little girl. I was in awe…of my body, this experience, this opportunity to help people, to give them something so precious. It was at this point I realized, as long as my body could…I would continue to help couples build their families.

In February 2017, I was preparing my body again to help a couple become a family. I was so hopeful, and couldn’t wait to be expecting again. After a failed transfer and a conversation with the doctor about the embryos, and chances of success, my Intended Parents and I decided we would transfer two embryos. One was PGS tested and the other was not. When it came time for our first ultrasound we were all shocked to learn we were not only expecting one…but THREE miracles!
Both embryos had stuck, and one had split. I was carrying triplets!!! Intended mom and I were overjoyed – dad was very quiet. After a moment he said, “but I don’t want a minivan!” Haha! On October 4th THREE happy healthy baby girls come into the world.

After carrying the triplets I thought it best to give my body a break. But in my heart, I knew I wasn’t done.

In September 2018, I transferred again. Unfortunately, it did not take. We tried again in October – devastatingly, it did not take again. In November we transferred the couple’s last embryo and she stuck! In August 2019, we welcomed another miracle into the world, another girl!

I still wasn’t done! In September 2020 I transferred one single embryo and it took on the first transfer. The parents and I were over the moon! In May 2021 another precious little girl entered the world.

In case you lost count, that’s SEVEN surro babes plus my three babies! This body and I have played a role in bringing TEN babies safely into this world and making 5 different families complete through surrogacy! And no- I am not quite done yet!

Julia Ross

Julia Ross

I am a very proud adoptive parent, infertility survivor and 3x Gestational Surrogate And this is my story! My journey to motherhood began in 2002. I had never wanted to be anything else...

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Julia Ross

Julia Ross

I am a very proud adoptive parent, infertility survivor and 3x Gestational Surrogate.

And this is my story…

My journey to motherhood began in 2002. I had never wanted to be anything else!

After a year of “trying” to conceive, it was time to make a call to my doctor. That call lead to 6 years of infertility appointments, procedures, drugs and IUIs.

Following another failed cycle I found myself angrier than I had ever been before. Angry at my body, I needed to be a mother, there was no plan B. Like a ton of bricks, it occurred to me, that I didn’t need to be pregnant, but I did need to be a mother. It was the most peaceful thought. I could feel the pressure being released in my body and my soul.

That thought propelled me down the path that brought me to my oldest daughter. I’ll never forget when I got the call. The voice on the other end said “I have a baby girl sitting on my lap who needs you” whenever I tell that story I always add that I was in the check out at the pet store and I have no idea if I paid for my items or left with them. I raced home to wash crib sheets and make sure the house was perfect. 5 hours later I was a mom to a gorgeous 13-month-old girl.

Shortly after my daughter came to me, I felt “off”. Mostly for a joke, I went and got a pregnancy test. I was floored to see two bright lines appear for the first time ever!
9 short weeks later I lost that pregnancy. At the time it was the cruellest thing to have ever happened to me. While part of my heart was shattered I was so grateful I had my daughter to care for.

5 months later I found out I was expecting again. I had conceived twice, naturally in less than a year, after more than 6 years of infertility.

I always tell my oldest she made me strong enough to become pregnant. She is magic to me.

In April 2009 I met my second daughter I was SO sure the whole pregnancy that she was a boy. Had a boy’s name, secretly had boy clothes and every time I walked past the nursery I would picture holding my son. Well! What a surprise when the doctor said “it’s a girl” my brain instantly went to how incredible this is going to be for my oldest daughter! Sisters! What could be better? The first time I saw her I knew she was going to be powerful. It was then I knew, if my body would, I had to help another women become a mother.

In 2010 I set out to find a couple who needed my help. In 2012 we welcomed their first child, thanks in part to my body. The same body that I was angry with for so many years! Not only had I built my family but I was helping others build theirs.

In 2014 I helped another woman become a mother, and in 2017 I helped make my first surrogate babe a big sister.

A few months after welcoming my third and last surrogate baby, the universe surprised me with another baby of my own. In 2018 I welcomed a baby boy. A baby I always dreamt about, never spoke about, and would have always wondered about. He is who I harvest my bravery from.

Over the last 15 years, I have become a very proud alternative family-building advocate. Sharing my story all around the world in the hopes of inspiring other people who can and are willing, to help make dreams come true.
It is an absolute honour to help support people pursuing an alternative path to parenthood.

I never gave up on my dream of having a family and I will never give up hope of helping you create yours.

Our Values

The opportunity we saw in creating New Hope Surrogacy was to infuse our personal values in the process. We believe it is our values that set us apart from other surrogacy options. We went through their process ourselves and knew that there was a better way.


If we can help you start a family, or enjoy a rewarding surrogacy or donor experience, we will help you. All are welcome to take part in alternative family creation.

Honesty & Integrity

We won’t try to help you if we can’t. We place our surrogates’, parents’ and donors’ health and wellbeing above all else.

Support & Compassion

We have been there. We’ve felt the disappointment. And the indescribable joy. We know there are ups and downs and we know hope to support you through it all.


We are always in touch with you. Both actively and at the other end of our 24/7 support lines. We encourage open communication between parents and surrogates. Being in touch is very supportive.

Success Story

I cannot recommend Jenna and New Hope Surrogacy enough. She is very knowledgeable and was receptive to all of my questions, and concerns. I would absolutely recommend this agency whether you are an intended parent or interested in being a surrogate.

Jessica S.
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